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Yvonne Coleman

Milwaukee native Yvonne Coleman is inspired to reach out to young women and girls locally and nationally to show them that it is possible to fall in love with yourself by working through difficult experiences and integrating DBT and CBT practices.  Graduate of Alverno College, Yvonne Coleman earned her degree in Women and Gendered Studies with a double support in Psychology and Religious Studies.

Devoted to understanding leadership in her community, she developed a passion to become an advocate for young women and girls in the Mental Health Field. In addition to her love for Mental Health, she aspires to be a Transformational Educator within her immediate and virtual communities. Completing her Master's Degree in Cultural Foundations of Community Engagement and Education, Yvonne also earned a Graduate Certificate in Racial and Social Justice and Education.  She plans to continue to educate young women and girls, while promoting positive emotional health. As an aspiring leader in her communities, Yvonne, has returned to Alverno and is in the process of acquiring her Doctoral Degree in Transformational Leadership in Education.

In today's society, as women we often times allow what we see influence what and who we are. On "autopilot," we forget to practice self-love, self-care, we forget what it is like to have fun, sometimes we even forget who we are; we lose ourselves in our day to day life routine, surviving instead of living. #shehaspurpose will serve as an encouraging platform that will promote self-love, positive affirmations, virtual networking events, research that has been shared to educate women about mental and emotional health, supported by real-life experiences.

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