As individuals, we are well aware that our physical health and well-being is one of the most important aspects of our lives. When we are sick, we treat it, when we are in pain, we treat it. But what about our mental health? How do we treat that? A lot of times, individuals resort to therapy which is good, but the real fixing or "treatment" involves us and our emotions. Mental Health for me is personal. As someone who has been diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety, I get it! I learned that ignoring my emotions wouldn't do anything but make life harder in the long run.

 Personally, I feel without clarity we have no peace of mind and without that, we are doing nothing but denying our true selves. During my journey of self-discovery, I spent a lot of time reflecting and accepting my past; and I did so through affirmations and workbooks. These recommendations are an opportunity for women to invest in themselves, and an opportunity to gain back their mental clarity. In addition to that, work on building mental endurance through self-discovery.