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The Power of HER

The purpose of my research is to show that there is still without reasonable doubt  a great need for female leadership outside of the college/ university setting for women 18 and over. The problem that is being investigated is that there is a lot of communal leadership for young women and girls between the ages of 12-18, but what about after those resources have expired. Furthermore, developmental psychologists such as Jean Piaget have suggested that it is in stage four which is the final level that starting at the age of 12, we are able to make logical decisions and have a growing mindset that is produced by experience.

Services for HER will include the following:

College Prep Resources

Internship Resources

Courses AND MORE!!!

The Power of HER (Higher Education and Research) Survey

The purpose of this survey is to grasp a better understanding of how women in higher education feel about their educational experience and the importance of community leadership.

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